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Here at Carrot Pharma we love to recognise the people who help make our company distinctly different!

One person who has made a massive impact on Carrot over the years is Rachel Mullaney – who is celebrating TEN years with Carrot this week.

Officially, Rachel is our Office Manager. Unofficially, she’s our Agony Aunt, party organiser, company car booker, client visit scheduler, biscuit tin refiller, joke teller, Pitbull lover (the musician, not the dog), shoulder to cry on and all round do-gooder!

“Wow. First of all, where has the time gone?” commented Rachel, when asked about the past ten years at Carrot.

“When I first started with Carrot in 2009 there was a team of around six people. Since then I’ve watched the company grow, teams evolve, individuals develop and excel and the ‘Carrot Culture’ that Martin and Debbie are so passionate about continue.

What has Carrot been during this time? Hard work yes, enjoyable absolutely, funny of course, and I have met so many great people along the way. Where do you get all that in one place and enjoy every minute of it? That’s Carrot for you!

I’ve too many highlights from over the years to list them all but here are a few of my favourite ones:

  • Being a supportive part of the team for 10 years.
  • Faking a parking ticket and sending it to Martin (Carrot’s MD).
  • Being pushed off a chair by Chris Newall while trying to win a game of musical chairs in the office (we’re not competitive at all….).
  • Social events, quarter days out, Christmas Do’s and Martin and Debbie’s BBQ.
  • Constantly asking “Who’s left crumbs in the kitchen?”
  • Listening to Christmas songs in the office in November.
  • Being a life coach to everyone at Carrot – “Rach, do I need to get my boiler serviced?” “Rach, what do I get my Secret Santa?” “Rach, can you check the latest travel updates for me?”, “Rach, when’s my MOT due?” and most recently “Rach, can you help me send my ASOS order back?”
  • It’s not so much a highlight but I’m the oldest member of the team, which means I’m now getting called Aunty Rach (although I think this should be more like Nanny Rach).

I’d like to give thanks to Martin and Debbie - they have developed a workplace environment that’s great to be a part of!”

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