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Unlocking Hidden Talent

It’s a fact that many people in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries still view the recruitment of permanent staff as the only route to attracting talent into their organisations. Whilst permanent recruitment is and likely will remain the core method of filling key field-based roles, more and more companies are now recognising that there is a largely untapped market of flexible talent available within the UK market. Indeed, some are already looking to proactively use this market to gain a competitive advantage within their sector.

Over the past three decades or so, outsourcing for sales people has been largely limited to primary care roles, or as a stop-gap to cover roles that may be temporarily vacant due to secondment or other reasons. More recently, this has evolved with a discernible increase in willingness to look at non-permanent solutions for other roles, mainly to mitigate risk in what is an uncertain and volatile market that we operate in. Again, this has proved to be a successful vehicle for companies to launch and grow brands, or indeed to maintain brands whilst in-house resources are redirected to the newer molecules.

Fast forward to the present and the need to find alternative ways to unlock hidden talent has never been more evident. With the continued R&D focus on medicines in specialty care, digital technology and innovative channels plus higher expectations from customers, in-field roles continue to evolve, and new roles are emerging. All this means that the capability set, and experience required to sustain success are also changing. When you also consider the needs of the workforce, and specifically millennials, it’s no surprise to learn that it’s becoming harder to attract and retain talent for the longer term.

Enter Generation Y, the flexible worker, someone who has a strong desire to be successful and is impatient to get there. They will be solution focused and eager to prove their value both to their employer and the customer. They may possess lots of experience, or they may not, and as we all know, experience does not necessarily equate to capability. They will be highly driven and will have a very specific purpose, whether this be in a market access, medical or sales function. Complementing the existing workforce, they will flourish if given the appropriate balance of support and autonomy in delivering their objectives.

Indeed, at Carrot, we are proactively identifying candidates such as these for our clients. We have a pipeline of individuals who are talented, motivated and will thrive in that flexible environment where they can make a difference. We have some fantastic examples of how this relationship has worked for clients and the candidate, either as part of a short-mid term project or indeed as a pre-cursor to full employment based on finding the right fit. The foundation of success lies in the flexibility for all parties and matching the right talent to the right job at the right time.

Carrot Pharma Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency covering jobs in pharma, healthcare and biotech. With over 11 years of success in the pharma, healthcare and biotech industries, we are growing year on year. Carrot Flex is a flexible resourcing service within Carrot Pharma that provides key talent sourcing, vacancy management solutions and team build partnerships across a wide range of disciplines.

To find out more, contact Martin on 01625 541 030 or email martin@carrotrg.co.uk or click here 

This article was originally published on Pharmafield. Read more of their articles here

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