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How to Progress your Medical Device Sales Career

What is Medical Devices Sales?

Medical Devices is the terminology used to describe the wide-ranging equipment doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals utilise in a medical environment. The term Medical Devices is broad as a result of the numerous products within the market. For example, Medical Devices is often applied to expensive equipment, such as pacemakers and MRI machines, as well as encompassing low-cost equipment such as bandages and gloves.  

A Medical Device Sales representative’s role is predominantly field-based. Essentially, they are responsible for promoting and selling medical equipment to hospitals and communities. To do this, they will start by educating healthcare professionals on the benefits of their product. Then they'll start discussions with the Hospital Procurement on price and supply.

Typical Medical Device Sales roles

Typical roles within the Medical Device Sales sector are:

  • Territory Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager

How can you progress your career in Medical Device Sales?

For candidates looking to take the next big step in their Medical Device Sales career, they will need to have fantastic negotiation skills, be committed to their personal development, and have a robust background in sales.

In addition to these key characteristics, candidates will be required to carry out additional activities to take their career to the next level:  

  1. Be open-minded to the products you promote
    Having an open mind about the products you promote will enable you to build upon your existing knowledge and develop your skillset. Your confidence will also increase as you will be gaining more exposure to the industry, meeting a variety of practitioners along the way.

  2. Gather industry knowledge
    Gathering industry knowledge is a continuous process. Applying yourself to different situations and being open to learning will give you a competitive advantage over other candidates. This, in turn, can lead to greater opportunities further on in your career.

  3. Take opportunities for leadership when they arrive 
    Progressing your career to a senior level can be quite daunting for some. But it is important to seize these opportunities when they become available as they will allow you to increase your knowledge of the industry and grow as a person.

What are the barriers to a career in Medical Device Sales?

To have a long and prosperous career in Medical Device Sales, candidates may need to overcome some crucial barriers:

  1. To be successfully selected for a role within Medical Device Sales, you will need to show a real desire and tenacity to want to work within the sector. Otherwise, you risk putting off potential employers.  

  2. Job shadowing is hugely beneficial as it allows candidates to gain a better understanding of the role. Companies within this sector look for candidates who have prior shadowing experience.

  3. A Medical Device Sales role is predominantly field-based, and candidates will be required to travel from one location to the next regularly. If you are reluctant about commuting, you may find a role within this sector very difficult.

Can you transition into the Medical Device Sales sector without previous experience?

Transitioning into Medical Device Sales can be done without prior experience. Companies within this sector look for candidates who have shadowing experience and can convey great commercial acumen. As a result, possessing these key traits will be advantageous and put you ahead of the competition. If you are looking to transition into the sector, you will start at an entry-level position. This is a fantastic opportunity as it will enable you to build your knowledge and work your way up within your company.

Typical Medical Device career progression options

A career in this sector can be very rewarding. Typical career progression opportunities within the Medical Devices Sales sector are:

  • Associate Territory Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • National Sales Manager
  • Business Unit Director


The Medical Device Sales representative role requires candidates to have excellent negotiation skills, ambition, and most importantly a strong sales background. Demonstrating these key traits will set you on the right path to a successful career within this sector. Visit our jobs page to find out more about the current vacancies we have available.

Alternatively, get in touch with Hannah Hall, our specialist consultant in Medical Devices: 




Looking to progress your Medical Device Sales career?

If you would like an informal chat to discuss your career progression opportunities, our specialist recruitment consultant, Hannah Hall, will be happy to help. She can be contacted on:

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