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Our NPS Score

Here at Carrot Recruitment we're passionate about the people we work with and the relationships we've formed with them. To help us gain a better understanding of the work we're doing (and how we can improve upon this) we've implemented a Net Promoter Score® (NPS®).

This score is generated by asking a simple question:

"How likely are you to recommend Carrot Recruitment to a friend or colleague?" 

Our candidates and clients then rate their experience with Carrot on a 10 point scale. 

Those who respond with a score of 9 or 10 are seen as Promoters, those who respond with a 7 or 8 are Passive, and those scoring a 0 to 6 as Detractors. Our aim is for all our candidates and clients to be Promoters of Carrot Recruitment.  


This NPS® score is generated from an index ranging from -100 to 100 and is used to measure the level of customer service of a company. An NPS score higher than zero is said to be good, a score 50 or over is excellent, and anything over 70 as world-class. 

Since implementing NPS® via Customer Thermometer we've received some exceptional feedback from our happy candidates and clients - click the button to read some of these comments! 

Candidate Testimonials

Our wish to improve our relationships with our candidates and clients mirrors our company values and purpose:

  • Quality Advocates
  • Relationship Builders
  • Proactive Thinkers
  • Happiness Centric 
  • Innovation Enthusiasts
  • Believers in the Power of Knowledge 

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