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Here at Carrot Pharma we always strive to offer our candidates as much helpful advice as possible prior to going into a pharma job interview so they are left feeling confident and prepared. But we wanted to know, if our consultants could only offer one nugget of advice pre-interview to someone what would it be? Here’s what they had to say:

“Do your homework. It’s really important to know about the company and their values prior to a pharma job interview. The last thing you want is to get caught out by a question like ‘What do you know about us?’”

Oliver Elwick – Medical Communications Consultant

“Don’t over think giving perfectly scripted answers. Do your preparation and then on the day be yourself and concentrate on building rapport and showing enthusiasm and if you have done your preparation and research the rest will flow.

“Also, close the interview by asking the hiring manager if they think you’d be a good fit for the role or if they think you have the skills to succeed in the position. This will let you gage an idea of how the interview has gone and which skills (if any) they think you’re lacking.”

Hannah Skillen - Pharma Sales Recruitment Consultant  

“Be yourself.”

Louis Gachet - Pharma Sales Recruitment Consultant

“Ask insightful questions – this will show you have a genuine interest in their business/role, have done your research and thought about the opportunity, making you a memorable candidate while giving a lasting impression of the pharma job interview.”

Louise Lavelle – Senior Medical Communications Consultant

“Candidates need to remember that the client liked their C.V. enough to invite them to interview, so they shouldn’t be put off by questions about their ability to do the job.”

Suzanne Hodge – Graduate Market Research Recruitment Consultant

“Do your research – know the company, the culture and the person who is conducting the interview.”

Ben Chadwick - Head of Sales & Marketing Recruitment

“Explain why you are interested in the particular company as opposed to just explaining why you’re looking for a new role. What research have you done into the company? How does this match with what you’re looking for?”

Laura Jones - Senior Advertising Consultant

“Take a few seconds to digest a question before answering. I think people tend to blurt out an answer too often.”

Phil Hall - Medical Communications Consultant

“Make sure you turn up. It really helps. If you’re running late or are unwell on the day make sure you let the hiring manager or recruitment consultant know as soon as possible so they can attempt to rearrange the interview.”

Chris Newall - Market Research Consultant 


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