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Contract Recruitment

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Have you considered hiring contractors as part of your recruitment strategy?

At Carrot Recruitment we’ve been supporting a wide range of businesses with our contract recruitment solutions since 2006. 

As genuine specialists within the Pharma, Biotech & Life-Science sectors, we work across the entire product lifecycle from drug development to commercialisation and beyond - effectively we can service your contract recruitment needs in all jobs functions.

We have a dedicated team working solely on contract recruitment roles, headed up by Founding Director, Debbie Anderson. The team offers a thorough process to ensure all required checks are carried out and documentation are in place before your contractor starts.  We'll then be on hand throughout to support you both, making the journey as smooth and efficient as possible.

Get in touch with Debbie Anderson at debbie@carrotpharma.co.uk to discuss your requirements 

The benefits of contract recruitment to your business

Employing a contractor allows you to quickly plug a skills gap when: 

  • You are struggling to find a permanent hire 
  • You need to cover long term sick or maternity 
  • You have a spike in workload, and you need extra support for your permanent staff 
  • You need someone with a specific skillset to deliver on particular projects 

Many businesses also like to operate a ‘contract to perm’ hiring policy which allows them to better assess suitability for the role long term before offering the position permanently, thus minimising risk. And it also offers you more flexibility to reduce staffing costs quickly should you need to adapt to a changing environment. 

One other key benefit is speed of process. Typically a contractor can start within a week or two and the recruitment process should be much quicker too and so you can have these gaps filled quickly affording your business better continuity. 

In today’s extremely candidate short markets, contractors are being utilised more and more to support the above objectives, increasing efficiencies whilst offering you more flexibility.

Tell us who you're looking for!

Tell us more about the role you need to fill, and we will help you fill it!

We talk to candidates who are working across the full Pharma product life cycle, who can assist across all functions, from drug/product development to commercialisation.  

From Clinical Research Nurses, Pharma Sales Specialists, Medical Writers, Regulatory Affairs Managers, Medical Affairs Officers to HEOR Associate roles - we’ve got you covered!

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Why should I use Carrot for my contract recruitment?

  • We have a dedicated contract recruitment team 
  • We can deliver across all job functions from Clinical to Manufacturing to Sales 
  • We have a deep reach into many niche candidate networks enabling quick success 
  • We take care of everything on your behalf to make the process as easy as possible 
  • We can guide you around IR35 and AWR if needs be 
  • We have over 16 years of experience as genuine specialists within our markets 
  • We’ve been rated ‘World Class’ for customer service since our ratings began in 2018 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you support in contract recruiting across all sectors?

We can support across all levels of contracting within the following sectors:

  • Clinical Research
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Scientific 
  • Medical
  • QA & Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing 
  • HR & Admin 
  • PV & Drug Safety
  • Market Access 
  • Market Research 
  • Sourcing/Procurement

What length or types of contract recruitment do you support with? 

We can be as flexible as you need us to be. You may want someone to work on a full-time basis for a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month project. Alternatively you might be looking for someone 3 days a week on a rolling basis.  You might want to offer a fixed term contract, or you may decide on an hourly or day rate approach. 

All of the above are fine with us. We can discuss the various options with you and agree on the best approach for each particular assignment.

How do you engage with contractors?

  • We have a dedicated in-house marketing team who constantly deliver and evolve creative and engaging marketing content, to help expand our perm, freelance and interim candidate networks.​
  • We have a deep reach into candidate networks, with an extensive database of active and engaged candidates, plus we invest in external sources for volume requirements.​
  • We have a very positive reputation in the market. Candidates really want to work with us (you can read our testimonials here) and generally have a very good experience. This results in a high volume of referrals and word of mouth approaches. 

Meet our Contract Recruitment team...


We have some fantastic candidates looking for roles across a variety of skillsets right now so it would be great to learn more about the positions you’d like to fill. 

Debbie Anderson

Debbie is one of our Owner/Directors and has over 8 years experience in the Pharma industry, as well as 16 years in contract recruitment.

Emily Goulding

Emily is our contract specialist Associate Consultant. She is responsible for finding top talent to fill your contracting positions.