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Why work with Carrot Recruitment?

Carrot Recruitment was established in 2006 by Pharmaceutical industry professionals and we offer a range of contract and permanent recruitment solutions across a wide number of functions within the Pharma and Life Science industries. We partner with an impressive array of clients, from blue-chip Pharma and Biotech firms, through to a large variety of more boutique specialist consultancies.

Working with us to find your next role has the following benefits: 

1. We will save you time

Searching job boards and sending applications can be very time consuming. However, if you work with one of our consultants, we do all the leg work for you and can find you the perfect role without you needing to lift a finger! 

Our services are completely free to candidates. We are paid by our clients, to act on their behalf and to attract talent to their business.

2. You will reach a wider network

By working with us, you can take advantage of our connections and our large network of clients within your industry.

We can help you to reach contacts that you may not have access to and we can help get your CV into the right hands and in front of the right people. 

3. We can guide you through the process

We will fully prepare you for each stage of the recruitment process - from applying, to accepting an offer. We are your best friend through the process - guiding and supporting you with CV advice, interview tips and insider knowledge!

4. You have access to more job opportunities

Not all open positions are posted on job boards, some companies only post available jobs on their websites. Others strictly rely on third-party sourcing agencies to find candidates. Which means you could be missing out on opportunities by only relying on job-search websites.

We can point you towards openings that are hard to find. We can also give you access to jobs that are confidentially advertised or not yet posted on the internet. With more options to apply to, you have a better chance of receiving the job offer you're looking for.

5. You'll gain from our experience

We are experts when it comes to competitive & benchmark salary and benefits in the marketplace, so are in a great position to sell your skills to an employer. You can be confident that we will able to benchmark your pay and benefits and guide you as to the options.

6. We're a long term solution

We don't give up on you if an offer doesn't pan out immediately or you don't want to take a job offered. We will always be on hand to help you with future positions and will be back in touch when we find the perfect role. 

We’re passionate about people and they are at the forefront of everything we do. Watch our video below to learn more about we work:


Looking for a new role?

We place candidates in roles within: Pharma Sales, Marketing, Market Access, Health Economics, Outcomes Research, Real World Evidence, Market Research, Business Intelligence, Medical Communications, Medical Information, Advertising, Public Relations, Medical Affairs, Medical Information, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Research & Development, Supply Chain, Procurement.

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