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We offer a range of recruitment services and can adapt our approach easily to fit with your resourcing requirements. We can offer Permanent and Contract solutions, Executive Search Assignments, Partnership Working and dedicated resource for Exclusive arrangements. Please click on the tabs beneath to find out more about our range of recruitment services: 

Permanent Hires 

A major part of our business supports clients who are looking to hire permanent staff. Our standard process here would be to organise a briefing meeting or call so that we can fully understand the requirements. From there we would advertise the position on our website and via other outlets such as LinkedIn and selected job boards. A thorough and proactive search for candidates would then commence, first within our immediate network as we are likely to already know of people well suited and potentially interested. Then a full search of our extensive database, combined with a mailshot if appropriate, should also begin to uncover suitable candidates for us to engage with, alongside proactive searching using our dedicated LI Recruiter accounts. We would then work through the process with you from candidate submittal and interviews through to offer stage. We’ll support you at every step and we will ensure that candidates also have a smooth and enjoyable experience. Have a read through our candidate testimonials and our customer experience page to learn more about how much we care for our clients and candidates.  

Contract Hires 

Contract or temporary hiring can be a quicker process than that of permanent recruitment and serves to ‘fill a gap’ within organisations, be it to temporarily replace a permanent member of staff or address an increased business need such as a new project or end of year rush. Our specialist recruiters are experienced in the contract processes and can help find the best talent for your interim or freelance opportunities. We offer a thorough process and ensure all relevant documentation is in place and all required checks carried out before your contract hire starts.  We'll be on hand to both the candidate and client throughout the process to help with any queries and offer peace of mind to both sides. 

Please use our contact details beneath to get in touch and find out more.

Executive Search is where we work in partnership with our client to map out, engage and secure senior-level or difficult to source talent. You can find out more about our Executive Search solutions here, but some of the key benefits which our particular approach offers, are:
A Fixed Fee Approach
  • Our calculation of fees is based on time spent, not as a percentage of salary
  • This means our fee will not alter, regardless of the salary offered to the eventual hire
  • This approach often provides better value and is a more honest reflection of the actual work involved
A Full Talent Mapping Report
  • Our approach to Executive Search is underpinned by thorough desk research
  • The initial phase of each project is a full talent mapping exercise of your market
  • This research phase is compiled into a full talent mapping report
  • This report is then used to determine which candidates we then engage with during the outreach phase
  • Your report will provide thorough information on each prospect against all the key criteria sought
A Discreet and Professional Route to Market
  • We understand the need for a sensitive and discreet approach to the sourcing of senior level talent
  • We have the communication skills and credibility to represent your brand in a professional manner
  • We work closely with you to ensure the right people are approached, in the right way, with the right message
Additional Support
  • We are happy to provide added value support throughout at no extra cost
  • Advice on the most effective interview process, who to involve and how to assess
  • We can access numerous personality profiling tools and aptitude tests for you to use
  • We can support at the offer stage to ensure your chosen candidate accepts
  • And we ensure they remain engaged all the way through their notice period to their start date
If you would like to discuss our Executive Search offering in confidence, please call Chloe Betteridge on 01625 541 039 or Martin Anderson on 01625 541 032, or visit our Carrot Executive homepage.
At Carrot Recruitment, we often work with clients as a sole business partnerwhere we enter into an exclusive partnership agreement with you to help successfully fill all your key vacancies within the business. Our partnership agencies benefit from a number of added value services, prioritised consultant time and a dedicated Account Manager as a single point of contact. These arrangements tend to be very fruitful because of the strong relationship that can be developed and the deeper understanding we achieve about your business which allows us to promote it very effectively and hone on in the right sort of talent first time. 
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If we are promised a period of exclusivity from our clients, it means we are able to ensure your vacancy is given priority over other roles we are working on. We can do this as we know we can approach candidates with something unique, which our competitors don’t yet know about. Typically, a client might afford us an agreed period of exclusivity - which means we are under time pressure to deliver before it goes out to our competition. This is a benefit to the client as they’ll ideally see good CVs coming across relatively quickly without being tied to using a single agency for the duration of the assignment. Another benefit is that you avoid duplication where the same CVs may be sent by multiple agencies and, of course, you only have one agency to communicate with, leaving you to get on with all the other things you need to do. 

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