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No matter which industry you work within, the role of the sales representative is often tarnished with an unwarranted narrative (“rude”, “abrupt” and “pushy” to name a few), while being perceived as having a bad reputation. For those working within pharmaceutical or medical device jobs this could be enough to put someone off a career as a sales rep. But look past this and you’ll quickly discover that medical device jobs are highly rewarding, and we’re here to tell you why:

There will always be something to sell

Medical device jobs are on the rise meaning now is the perfect time to take up a sales representative position. As technologies continue to advance, medical device companies are producing more and more fantastic products for patients around the globe – think fantastic advances in prosthetics, remote patient monitoring, and even lightbulbs that can disinfect and kill bacteria! If you’ve got a passion for helping others and a keen interest in technology you’ll love a job within medical devices.

It’s an easy career to transition in to

The good news is you don’t have to have a pharma sales background to become a medical devices rep. As long as you have strong sales experience and the ability to learn about medicines and therapy areas you should be good. For medical device jobs it will help if you have an A level or equivalent in biology or general sciences. For more information on how to get into the industry visit the ABPI website

Once you have a good track record within medical device sales you’ll have the opportunity to progress into area or regional management, or into marketing, product or account management. 

Working in medical device jobs is hugely rewarding

“Medical device (or healthcare) sales is a hugely exciting market to work in,” claims Rowan Day, Senior Consultant at Carrot Pharma. “Medical technology is advancing at a lightning pace and the role allows you to educate hospital clinicians in the very latest breakthroughs in patient treatments.

“If selling to surgeons you will be in theatre, scrubbed up and a vital element of the clinical team. Alternatively, you might be selling to nurses, helping to improve the patient’s standard of living. All this and an excellent package to go with it, including a basic salary of £30k-£40k plus performance related bonuses up to £40k/£50k (and a car)!


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