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How to Progress your Healthcare Marketing Career

What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare Marketing is the promotional communication of health-oriented products to consumers via multiple channels and marketing materials. Products typically encompass items and substances that consumers can purchase over the counter such as vitamins, toothpaste etc. 

Healthcare Marketing utilises traditional Marketing methods to build relationships with consumers and encourage them to purchase your product rather than a competitor’s. For a role within this sector, you will be required to conduct competitor analysis, market research on the latest industry trends and be heavily involved in the development of marketing collateral (traditional and digital).

Typical Healthcare Marketing roles

Typical roles within the Healthcare Marketing sector are:

  • Associate Product Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Digital Marketing Executives
  • Marketing Assistants
  • Graduate Marketing roles
How can you progress your Healthcare Marketing Career?

To progress your Healthcare Marketing career, candidates will need fantastic communication skills (both written and verbal), strong analytical capabilities and a creative flair.

Although these key characteristics will open many opportunities for you, you will need to complete additional activities to help you get that ideal role. We have highlighted a few below: 

  1. Continuous Professional Development 
    Continuous professional development (CPD) enables you to identify gaps in your knowledge and capabilities. As a result, you can then seek ways to address these gaps, which in turn will enable you to become more efficient within your job role. Furthermore, CPD will help you stay motivated and gain a better understanding of the multitude of requirements needed for you to achieve your career goals.

  2. Have a strong interest in pharma or healthcare 
    If you have a real passion for the sector you work in, the more productive you will be within your job role. Demonstrating this to employers will ultimately open new career opportunities for you further down the line.

  3. Hold a relevant degree
    Possessing a relevant degree, i.e. Marketing, PR, Digital etc; is a valuable tool that can help put you ahead of your competition and improve your career prospects.

  4. Be open-minded and have a willingness to learn 
    By being open minded, you can effectively enhance your knowledge as you will be learning from those around you. This, in turn, can potentially lead to new career opportunities as you will be developing a broad skill set along the way. You’ll be able to identify which aspects of the role you enjoy and tailor your career path as a result.

What are the barriers to a career in Healthcare Marketing?

To have a successful career in Healthcare Marketing, candidates may need to overcome some crucial barriers:

  1. You need to have extensive UK-based experience to transition into senior-level roles.

  2. Possessing a relevant degree is a key requirement.

  3. Location could potentially be a barrier as most healthcare agencies are located outside London. As a result, if you are wanting to work within the capital and are unwilling to commute, then a role within Healthcare Marketing may not be for you.

  4. A junior-level salary is not overly appealing, so you must be able to see the bigger picture. If you are committed to your professional development and willing to put in the required effort to reach senior-level roles, the financial rewards can be fantastic.
Can you transition into the Healthcare Marketing sector without previous experience?

If you are looking to transition into a senior-level role from a marketing role within a different industry, then the answer is no. The reason for this is because a key requirement for a role like this is that you have high-level experience of working within the UK pharma/healthcare industry. However, if you are looking to transition into a junior-level role within the industry, you do not need to have prior industry experience. Instead, you need to have some understanding of the different sectors you will be working in and possess a marketing degree (or similar).

Typical Healthcare Marketing career progression options

Working within Healthcare Marketing enables you to be creative with your work and can open various career prospects for you. Typical career progression opportunities within the Healthcare Marketing sector are:

  • Marketing Assistant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Junior / Associate Brand Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Director
  • Senior Marketing Director
  • Business Unit Director

A career within Healthcare Marketing can be very a very rewarding one if you’re committed to your personal development and are open to all opportunities that come before you. By seeing the bigger picture and demonstrating you are open to learning will ensure that you have a successful career within the sector.

Looking to progress your Healthcare Marketing career?

If you would like an informal chat to discuss your career progression opportunities, our specialist recruitment consultant, James Jamieson, will be happy to help. He can be contacted on:

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