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What is Supply Chain?

We work on all Supply Chain roles from Administration through to Director level across Supply, Procurement and Logistics.

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What is Pharmaceutical Supply Chain?

A role within Supply Chain involves working on the sequence of processes involved in the production and distribution of commodities and services. The supply chain itself is the network between a company and its suppliers to produce a specific product.

Within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, the supply chain involves manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, customers, information service providers and regulatory agencies. There can sometime be more demand on someone working in Supply Chain within these industries as the products they are dealing with can often have a huge impact on the lives of patients around the world. These products include over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, generics and biologics, all of which need to be handled in a different way.


What does a career within Supply Chain look like?

A career within Supply Chain used to be pretty straightforward, and you’d usually have worked as either a Buyer, Purchasing Agent or Purchasing Manager. But as industries have modernised, so too have roles within Supply Chain, which now must include a wide array of business functions.

These could include:

  • Supply Chain Design and Planning
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Freight Transportation
  • Warehouse Design and Management
  • Distribution Network Design and Planning
  • Inventory Management and Control

The Supply Chain encompasses such a vast array of opportunities that it would be near impossible to provide a view of what all career paths within this sector could look like. However, most candidates will begin their career in a graduate role, where they’ll receive a 360-degree view of all the aspects involved in the supply chain. From here, they’ll have a better inclination as to which business functions they wish to specialise in.

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What are the typical roles within Supply Chain?

  • Procurement/ Supply Chain Advisor, Officer or Assistant
  • Procurement/ Supply Chain Management, Director or Head of Department
  • Demand & Inventory
  • Customer Services


How do you get into a role within Supply Chain?

Both Quality jobs and Supply Chain jobs are closely linked and sometimes overlap depending on the product being manufactured and the nature of the business.

For the pharmaceutical, consumer health, medical devices, and clinical markets, scientific qualifications are highly desirable and create a good starting place for a career in these sectors.

To progress within the Supply Chain sector, it’s all about building a good network and reputation and learning the practices, business and industry inside out.


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