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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the 4th September 2018 –Updated on the 2nd September 2020

Like the majority of 2020, the month of September will be a little different this year. With many children returning to school for the first time since March and the Covid-19 health crisis, parent’s across the country will be breathing a sigh of relief as the strains of juggling remote working with home schooling are relinquished.

There will also be an increase in workers returning to the office, as the government pushes to return to a sense of normality whilst winding up their furlough scheme.

September also opens up opportunities for parents and non-parents alike – allowing employees to seize the ‘back-to-school’ mentality, taking time to think about their own career, whether they’re happy in their current role and what other opportunities there might be out there for them.

A shift in productivity also comes with this month, as business return from their summer breaks and the hiring process ramps up again. Use our useful tips below to help spark your productivity over the coming weeks and set you on the right path for you to find your next job.


Set new goals.

Just as a teacher will have planned out their class’ development over the next school term, September is as good a time as any to think about where you see yourself and your career in the next three, six or nine months’ time. Maybe you’re looking to win a new piece of contract, gain a promotion, or to have learnt a new skill you can implement into your work.


Have a good old tidy up.

As the saying goes, a tidy space equals a tidy mind. Just like you’d organise your pencil case, books and school bag before the start of term, make sure you do the same with your desk and work-space on a regular basis – especially if you’re still working remotely. We’ve all heard of a spring clean, but an autumn clean makes just as much sense. It’s worth taking a few minutes out of your day to sort out that pile of papers that’s been stacking up over the summer or to declutter your inbox – you’ll find it makes you much more productive in the long run and more enthused to tackle that to-do list.


Do something different.

Just as you might have joined the school netball team, drama club or completed the Duke of Edinburgh Awards during your childhood, September is the perfect time to take up a new hobby. Perhaps there’s a new workout app you’ve been meaning to try, an online course you fancy on a subject that interests you or you’re looking to get stuck into a new project you’ve not given yourself the time to start. Your new hobby doesn’t have to be work related either – anything that simulates your brain outside of work will have a knock-on impact on your productivity and mental health during working hours.

In fact, if you’re working remotely it’s now more than ever it’s important to differentiate your working and home life – and one way to do this could be through a new post-work hobby or activity.


Make a fresh start.

Did you ever go back to school in September with a cool new hair style or the latest pair of football boots? Just as the summer holidays gives young people a chance to reinvent themselves, you can do the same! Ditch any baggage or commitments you no longer want to have or be a part of – and do what you want to do! If you’re a teacher, this annual ‘fresh start’ will come naturally to you. If not, make sure it becomes a habit you utilise year on year.


If you’ve implemented some of the suggestions above yet still don’t feel happy in your current role it’s probably time to look for something new. If you’re considering a career move this September and would like some assistance in doing so, our expert consultants will guide you every step of the way. You can view our live vacancies here or get in touch with us today.

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