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“Pushy”, “rude”, “abrupt” – these are all words that have been used to describe Sales Representatives, who are often unfairly perceived as having a bad reputation. However, a Pharma Sales job can be one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. Here’s why:

There will always be something to sell

Over the years there have been several conflicting reports as to whether the future of the Sales Rep is in decline. But there will always be a need for salespeople and according to a recent Career Builder survey, 36% of companies plan to increase their sales hiring – the top department companies are investing within.

As technology advances, buyers now have a much larger array of resources available to them. This has made the need for Sales Reps to influence these purchases more important than ever. Buyers will always rely heavily on the knowledge of Sales Reps to talk them through their potential purchases.

It’s an easy career to transition in to

According to a LinkedIn analysis of millions of users, Sales is the career that most people can transition in to from another profession. It’s also equally as easy to use the skills acquired in a Sales Rep role to transition out of the industry into a different sector, making it a very useful career to have on your C.V.

Business leaders have often classed “strong sales skills” as a Top 10 critical skill for today’s workplace. A job in Sales could be an excellent starting block for a career into something else – 20% of Fortune 500 CEOs started out in Sales roles – although you never know, you might end up finding a career for life as a Sales Rep.

The salary is great

The day-to-day life of a Sales Rep can be demanding - targets to meet, a lot of time spent on the road driving to appointments, being persuasive in your approach to selling – but because of this the role comes with a great salary. Salespeople are often among the highest paid people in a company, with the average salary in the UK being £37,800 - plus up to £8,000 bonus and other benefits such as a company car, medical insurance, pension etc.

Working in Pharma is hugely rewarding

Due to the nature of the role only the best and brightest people are hired as Sales Reps, and even though the job often requires a lot of hard work it can be hugely rewarding. The job ultimately involves selling a technologically advanced product to highly intelligent physicians, with these products going on to benefit the lives of hundreds or thousands of people.

“Being a Pharma Sales Rep gives you the freedom of managing your own time,” claims Hannah Skillen, a Sales Recruitment Consultant at Carrot Pharma Recruitment. “The motivation of working to achieve targets and the thrill of reaching it also comes with a fantastic financial reward.

“If you have a product you can believe in it also comes with the personal satisfaction of promoting products that can genuinely improve peoples’ lives – another great perk of the job.”

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