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These are currently unique times for anyone considering a career move. But if you are in the position to change jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, this year could surprisingly offer you fantastic opportunities in terms of career progression.

Many companies still have a requirement for new hires – particularly within the pharma and life sciences industries – and are being flexible around remote interviewing, offering and onboarding.

If you’ve recently been made redundant, or you’re unsure about the stability of your current role, your job hunt is probably well underway already (and for anyone in this position, we’d like to offer our help, advice and services wherever possible, so please get in touch).

For others, it no doubt feels like the safest option right now is to stay put in your current role – and we completely understand this. But these circumstances could offer you something you’d otherwise miss out on. Let us explain why:


Less Competition:

As mentioned, employees are currently less inclined to move jobs - which could work in your favour! Less competition for advertised roles means the hiring manager is more likely to see your profile or CV, and ultimately invite you to interview. This could mean those positions you once thought looked unattainable are now within reach.

We also expect there to be a surge in job applications when life begins to return to normality. So, if you’re in a position to do so, we recommend applying for new opportunities in the coming weeks to put you ahead of the rush.


More Time:

Even for those still working full time, you’ve potentially found yourself with more time on your hands. You’re in a position now where you can afford to put serious effort and consideration into searching for your next role or researching what opportunities your skills and experience match. If you successfully make it to interview stage, this extra time can be used productively to complete any pre-interview tasks, presentations or tests to a high standard.


Attending Interviews:

Something which often deters people from applying for a new position is the worry around taking time off work to physically attend an interview. You either end up rushing to fit a call in during your lunch break or you’re concerned about raising suspicions by booking in several doctors or dentist appointments over the space of a couple of weeks.

Now with the majority of people working from home, there’s never been a better opportunity to ‘attend’ an interview, with increased flexibility from both sides as to when to conduct a telephone or video interview. And don’t worry if you’re also working around home schooling your children too – hiring managers will take this into consideration.

Where they can, our clients are still interviewing remotely to ensure the hiring process continues as seamlessly as possible. If you are successful in lining up a remote interview, take a look at our handy guide on how to successfully video interview from home.


The Job Offer

One of the main reasons we’ve heard from candidates as to why they’re reluctant to move jobs is due to the potential of being ‘at risk’ during a probation period. However, from our experience,  companies are only hiring where there is a definite requirement, and therefore we believe you’d be moving into a secure position.


Remote Onboarding

If you are offered a new job, when should you expect to start?

Some companies will still require you to physically be in the office, laboratory etc. in order to start working for them – but even if this is the case, at least you’ll have an exciting new role to look forward to.

However, many companies have been quick to adapt to the changing circumstances and, if the requirement is still there, have been able to offer remote onboarding to new employees. In these instances, you’ll have any equipment you need sent by courier to your home. It’s worth bearing in mind that your initial training will likely be different to if you were in the office, and some things may take longer to get to grips with, so please be patient.


I’m Not Ready to Move Jobs Currently:

We understand a job move won’t be the appropriate measure for everyone. But if you think a change in career could be on the cards in the near future there are several steps you can take now to prepare you for when you are ready:

  • Update your CV – a great use of your time could be spent ensuring your CV is up to date and relevant. If you’ve learnt any new hobbies during the lockdown, completed any digital learning courses or offered your services to volunteering bodies be sure to add these in too. As part of this process, it would be worthwhile scoping out any companies you may be interested in working for and tailoring your CV and cover letter towards them. We can then help introduce you to these companies.
  • Career options – what other career options are there for you? Now might be the ideal time to look into this and that’s where we come in. Our specialist consultants are highly knowledgeable in each of their sectors and can offer expert advice as to what all your possibilities could be.
  • Learn new skills – there’s a whole world of online learning opportunities, with many offering free courses and certificates. If you’ve got some down time, use this to broaden your knowledge or gain a new skill which would look impressive on your CV.

If you’re looking to find out more about the current health of the sector you work in and what opportunities could be available, or you’re in the position to consider a career move currently, or you’d simply like some advice on what your future options might be, our experienced recruiters are here to help in any way possible.

You can contact us on 01625 541 030 / enquiries@carrotpharma.co.uk and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant consultant. Or stay in the loop with our live vacancies.

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