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By Victoria Wooldridge - Senior Consultant, Market Access & HEOR

This year, Chris and I decided we wanted to increase our ‘mingling’ potential at the ISPOR 20th Annual European Conference in Glasgow, so instead of dusting off the Carrot Stand (including customary Scalextric cars), we set off to Glasgow with nothing but our entry ticket and some concise marketing collateral.

We had arranged a number of meetings prior to the event but were overwhelmed by just how many insightful and impromptu discussions we had across the course of Tuesday – clients, candidates and individuals we have placed over the course of the last year all happy to proactively seek us out and chat.

As a recruiter, it’s sometimes very ‘tentative’ as to how these events will go – will people be wary of talking to us; frightened that if we approach them their colleagues will think they’re on the hunt for work? Will our clients manning their stands think that we are coming over to do the hard sell?

Anyone who knows Carrot Pharma Recruitment well will know that we’re there to network, just like everyone else, and our motivation is simple; to make more connections and ensure that we are armed with enough industry and individual company knowledge to conduct our business from a quality perspective that has long term partnerships at its core – ISPOR Europe 2017 certainly confirmed to us that our values and reputation in the market place is growing and we are thrilled with how our attendance panned out - without the stand to help promote us.

Additionally, it was wonderful to have the freedom to take in the Posters – we know how much work and passion goes into exhibiting these and, given our finished product as recruiters is placing our candidates in their ‘happy jobs’, it is great to see the successes of their work in practise.

Thank you to everyone who met up with Chris and I at ISPOR Glasgow – it was great to put names to faces and come away armed with more ammunition to help us place the right people in the right jobs going forward.

If you didn’t meet us at ISPOR and would like to get in touch about work opportunities in the market place currently, then please do drop me a note and we can arrange a convenient time to speak; victoria@carrotrg.co.uk

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