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Louise Lavelle leads the Healthcare Communications team at Carrot Recruitment, supporting her team across Medical Communications, Medical Education, Healthcare Advertising and Healthcare PR. We spoke to her about why she moved into Med Comms in the first place, how she supports her clients and candidates and how she keeps up to date with the latest industry trends:


How did you start recruiting in Medical Communications? 

Prior to joining Carrot Recruitment (then known as Carrot Pharma) on the Medical Communications team I worked for 8 years within IT recruitment. I loved most aspects of my job, supporting candidates and clients, but the IT sector didn’t excite me. I knew friends at Carrot who were really happy so following maternity leave with my first daughter, I went to meet the team. Seven years on and I definitely made the right decision. I enjoy working with Medical Communications professionals across the industry who amaze me with their knowledge and dedication, all working towards the same goal of improving patient care and health outcomes for everyone.


What do you love the most about your job in Medical Communications? 

Recruitment is a key priority for all the companies we work with, and knowing that I am playing my small part in keeping their projects on track, effectively resourced and enabling the company to grow is a great feeling.

From a candidate perspective, the first conversation with someone who is looking to change their employer is often quite negative as they list all the reasons they are unhappy at work. I love observing the transformation in that person as you give them options and opportunities that they didn’t even know existed! Then I'll support them through every stage of the recruitment process and share their joy when they receive an offer of employment that reignites their passion.


Why should Director level Medical Communications professionals use you to find their next role?

I typically work with Scientific Directors, Medical Directors, Medical Education Directors, Director of Scientific Services, Client Services Directors, Director of Client Services, Business Unit Directors, Managing Directors and similar. I work with these people as both potential hiring managers and candidates, so I have a good oversight and strong network across the Medical Communications and Medical Education industry. I often know about vacancies before they are advertised and can use my industry knowledge to introduce the right people to the right companies creating new opportunities and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Can you share some recent feedback you’ve received from a candidate you’ve helped? 

I always feel that you genuinely care about the candidate. You always help where you can, often in little ways, like critiquing a presentation or a call - really trying to help me get the job. It goes beyond just being nice. There's a caring professionalism about your approach that sets you apart.”


How do you keep up-to-date with the latest trends and news within Medical Communications?

Mostly by talking to interesting people all day every day! I love finding out what projects and accounts people are working on or recruiting for, what research is being published, what medical educational needs are being addressed, what therapy areas and diseases are in focus and what the future pipeline looks like. I also read as much as I can using sources such as MedComms Networking, MedComms News, PM Live, Pharmafield, Fierce Pharma, PharmaPhorum, Pharma Times and BBC Health News.


Get in touch:

If you're looking for your next senior opportunity within Medical Communications or Medical Education, or you're looking for support with your Med Comms recruitment needs, get in touch with Louise Lavelle today on:

+44 (0)1625 541 037


Click here to visit our Med Comms/Medical Education jobs page. 



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