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Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organisations

Over the last couple of years, the growth in the number of pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organisations within the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has been steady and greater than that of the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical manufacturing market in the UK compared to Europe and the US has been in decline for the last few decades, however there are some trends within the global pharmaceutical industry that are positively affecting the UK pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the number of jobs available in this sector.

There are a number of factors involved in the growth of this model such as the rising development of biologics and biosimilars and the increased use of generics worldwide. There is a growth in the number of pharmaceutical companies that are focusing on their core competencies and therefore looking to outsource to contract manufacturing companies. There has been an increase in funding for small pharma companies who don’t have the capacity to manufacture their products and need to outsource this part of the process. However, the focus on cost, as one of the main drivers for the growth in this market has switched more recently to a preference on quality and timing. Companies that have embraced technology are gaining the edge as a NICE survey revealed. Respondents indicated that the introduction of innovative, new technologies to the manufacturing and supply chain is helping service providers attract projects from sponsors looking to be first to market with differentiated products.

The opportunities for growth in this sector are becoming more evident and it is of course great news for the pharmaceutical engineering job market. For all positions relating to this industry: Quality Assurance jobs, QP Jobs, Engineers etc take a look at our latest jobs here.  

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