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Everyone enjoys a bit of a fright around Halloween time. But what if your job involved working in a spooky atmosphere every day, spending time with the deceased, or in search of the supernatural? We’ve pulled together 10 of the spookiest jobs around which are sure to send a shiver down your spine this Halloween. Do you dare to read on?


Speleology (Caver)

Some people enjoy spending time in tiny caves, exploring areas of the earth no one has set foot on before. If claustrophobic, dark spaces get you in a hot sweat then avoid a career in speleology at all costs. Throw in bats or water and the experience suddenly takes a frightful turn for the worse.



Imagine the above, but equipped with tools, spending long hours in cramped spaces, with the risk of a rock fall leaving your trapped in the dark, alone, hundreds of  meters below ground. We’ll stick to our desk jobs, thank you very much.


Funeral Director

We’ve all seen the horror films when the dead come back to life (particularly around Halloween time) so imagine spending your working hours in wait for one of those movies to come true. If the thought of that doesn’t make you feel a bit queasy then the smell of the deceased waiting to be embalmed (see below for another eerie job) sure will. However, those who do venture into this role find it rewarding to help grieving families get through an often very difficult time.



Embalmers spend a lot of their time working on their own, preparing bodies until they are either buried or cremated, by fixing injuries with prosthetics, applying makeup and clothing to the dead. If that wasn’t enough to make you a bit squeamish then the thought of removing fluids and gases from the deceased will more than likely be enough to make your stomach churn.


Cemetery Groundskeeper

Any job involving working with the dead is sure to send a chill down your back. So imagine wondering alone around an eerie cemetery on a chilly winter’s night as the fog begins to roll in. We’ve all seen zombie films and they nearly all begin in a grave yard…


Forensics investigator

Although working for the CSI unit might not be quite as action-packed as the American TV series would have us believe, you’ll still get to be involved with a fair share of dead bodies. And this time the blood and gore won’t be from the television prosthetics and the bodies won’t be actors.


Ghost tour leader

Ghost tours are known for visiting the spookiest of buildings, in the most haunted towns, in search for supernatural spirits. Personally, we wouldn’t like to go to work hoping to see a ghost, although the thought of dressing up for work and making a group of unsuspecting tourists jump could almost tempt us otherwise.


Alien Investigator

Although some of us here at Carrot aren’t entirely convinced that hunting for aliens or investigating supernatural sightings is a real job, we’re not sure we’d be the first to apply for it if it was. ET might seem like a delight, but on the whole Hollywood has managed to convince us that we don’t really want to socialise with those not from planet Earth.


Abattoir Worker

Dead animals, blood and guts – this job definitely isn’t for the faint hearted. Throw into the mix the fact that a lot of horror movies usually have at least one scene shot in an abattoir. Think we’ll leave this profession for those with a strong stomach.


Cryonics technician

With medical advancements moving as quickly as they are it’s more than possible that in the near future scientists will be able to bring the dead back to life. For several decades, cryonic technicians have been freezing bodies of the deceased via cryopreservation, in a hope of one day being able to bring them back to life. However, there are currently only limited roles as a cryonics technician: as of 2013 only 270 people have undergone the procedure.


While some brave souls would jump at the opportunity to work on the vacancies above, don’t worry if the thought of applying for a spooky job this Halloween makes your skin crawl. Here at Carrot Pharma we’ll help find you the perfect job - without scaring the heebie jeebies out of you!

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