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Halloween isn't the only time when job hunting can seem like a terrifying idea - but we're here to help you tackle those job hunting demons. (Although if you are looking for a spooky new role we've pulled together our favourite ones here)


Scary job applications
Some companies only require a CV for your application. Others might add in a cover sheet too. But then you get the 10-page long application forms where they want to know why you left your paper-round aged 12, where your mother was born, and how long your index finger is.
Scary stuff huh.
But just think of these types of applications as a glorified CV – so as long as you’ve got yours up-to-date and to hand it shouldn’t be too difficult to complete - just maybe a little time consuming, so be prepared to put aside a good chunk of time to complete it.


You’ve been ghosted
You feel like you’ve applied for every role under the sun, yet you’ve still not heard back from anyone. As companies are often inundated with CVs for each role, they’re often unable to respond to every application (although it would be nice if they could). Don’t let this put you off or dampen your spirits – the right thing will be out there. Maybe take another look at your CV and see if you could improve upon it in any way, or get a friend to take a look over it too.


Interview nightmares
Unable to sleep the night before an interview? Getting night sweats? Having terrifying dreams about falling flat on your face in front of the interviewer? It’s normal to feel a bit anxious prior to an interview, but as long as you’ve done all your prep you shouldn't have much to worry about. So the night before just try to relax – have a bath, pick your outfit for the interview and chill.


Skeletons in your closet
How do you explain the two month gap you were out of work? Did you once work with a manager who you really didn’t get along with and perhaps didn’t leave on the best of terms. Be prepared that any new potential employer might go digging around and unearth the skeletons in your closet.
Don’t worry too much about this though – as long as you’ve got a reason behind everything on your CV you’ll be fine.


The teeth clenching wait for feedback
Your palms are clammy, you can’t stop fidgeting and your heart is racing. You might as well be watching a horror movie at this rate. But in reality you’re just waiting to hear back about whether you’re going to be offered your dream job.
It can feel like weeks until you hear back (and on some very rare occasions it is), but the majority of the time you’ll hear back relatively quickly.
And even if it’s not the news you were looking for just feel proud that you made it as far through the process as you did. Ask for feedback on your interview too, as this will only help you with your next one.


Hair-raising first day
The hard part is over – you’ve got yourself a new job! But that doesn’t mean your first day doesn’t fill you with the same dread as going for interview. Yes, it’s always a bit daunting starting somewhere new, but you’ll hopefully have met a few of the team during the interview process and will have already familiarised yourself with the office environment.
If you have any questions before your first day just get in touch with HR – they’ll be more than happy to help and to make your on-boarding process as easy as possible.

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