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Your onboarding process is the first impression you make on your new hire. An ill-planned onboarding process can put the employer right back to square one, as 20% of new joiners would leave for another opportunity within 45 days if they’d received a negative start to a new job.   

On the other hand, a good onboarding experience can benefit staff retention. 69% of new employees who have had a good onboarding experience are more likely to stay with the company for three years; they are also 58% more likely to stay even longer afterwards 

So, what can you do to create a good onboarding experience for your new staff members? We have some good ideas for you: 

Get the Equipment Ready 

If the essential equipment is in place when a new joiner arrives, you’re off to a good start. Take a minute to make a list of the kit they would need from day 1; A laptop, a phone, and any stationery as required. The content of the list and how you’ll deliver the items to the new starter may be different now that the teams are working remotely; look at what you’re providing for your existing employees and replicate that.  


An Induction Plan Is Vital 

It sounds basic but can sometimes feel like a mundane task and so often isn’t given much thought – piles of paperwork and documents with processes come to mind for most when thinking about an induction plan. It won’t have to be dull if you start with the socialising aspect – meeting the team either in person or virtually under current circumstances. This helps the new starter put names to faces immediately and provides a chance for them to get acquainted with their colleagues in a more relaxed context.  

After the initial part of the induction, mix up the “interesting” and “not-so-interesting” elements for the rest of the process. Start with the excitement of showcasing new products, then follow it up by the equally crucial but less exciting policies and contract reviews 

Realise the Cohesive Culture 

Where possible, get all the teams involved in the induction. This helps reinforce the collaborative approach to how the company works and creates more opportunities for the new starter to bond with their colleagues. 

Hit the Ground Running 

Have some tasks ready for the new starter to get on with while doing the induction, although try to avoid overloading them with too much information and work right from the start. Plan the work around the responsibility they’ll be taking on, so as you walk them through the tasks, they get to practice and learn how things are done. People tend to learn better by physically doing a task, as opposed to being told about it.  


Be Personal 

No one likes to stay in a place where they don’t fit into the company culture or feel welcomedGet to know your new recruit a bit more on a personal level and show them that people in your company are more than just colleagues. They’ll end their first day feeling excited about working with a lovely bunch. 


Given current circumstances, a lot of employers have been onboarding new recruits remotely. If you would like to know how this can be done smoothly, read our guide hereIf you’re seeking ideas for keeping your employees motivated remotely, we have some useful tips here 

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