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You’ve offered someone a new job and you can’t wait to get them onboard. But for a lot of people working within the Pharma and Life Science sectors, they can have anywhere from 1 to 3 months’ notice period to work before they’ll be able to start with you. After all the time and effort you put into the recruitment process, the last thing you’ll want is for them to drop out before they’ve even started. So, it’s vital that you keep in regular contact with them during this period.  

The longer a prospects notice period, the more time their current employer has in which to try and convince them to stay. Or they may be offered a new project to work on which they find exciting, and therefore casts doubt as to why they’d want to leave. By keeping in touch regularly you can remind them what great things they’ll achieve in their new position and why you’re excited to have them on board.  

Below, we look at five ways you can keep in touch regularly with your new recruit 


Keep in touch with your new recruit regularly. How often you do this will depend on their notice period length, but once or twice a month should be sufficient. As well as using these calls to see if they have any unanswered questions etc. it’ll also help you to start to build a relationship with them, discovering more about them as a person, which in turn will help them feel like a valued member of the team.  

Use one of these catch-up calls to ask them how their resignation went. If they mention their current company tried to counter offer or have been regularly discussing how much they’ll miss them, this might give you a reason to put in extra effort during their notice period to make sure they definitely start with you.  

Catch up over a coffee 

Who doesn’t love coffee and cake? If the interview process took place virtually, this would be a great reason to meet them face-to-face. If they don’t live locally, suggest a virtual catch up with their new team so they can begin meeting them – you could always get cake delivered to all those involved!  

Give them a head start 

Sending over any relevant reading or company information ahead of their first day will give a new recruit a head start. You could also start to keep them in the loop with any company updates or include them with any internal communications/newsletters. This is help them feel a part of the team before their first day 

Welcome them 

Send them a welcome email or a new starter pack once they’ve signed the contract. This will help to make them feel valued and will show that you go above and beyond as a company for your employees. A new starter pack could include any branded products you have, or some treats to help them relax and unwind after their first week.  

If working remotely, liaise with your new starter as to how and when you’ll get any equipment to them. Don’t just think about computers, phones and stationary, but ask if they’ll need a suitable desk or chair (as they may have to return their current one to their current employer).  

Get social  

If you have any socials planned during your new recruits notice period – be it virtual or in person – be sure to invite them along too. Not only will this give them a chance to meet their colleagues ahead of their start day, but it’ll show to them that they made the right choice in moving jobs, as you’re thinking about them and involving them even before they’ve started.  


New recruits will be more enthused on their first day if regular contact has been maintained beforehand. If you’re not doing so already, use our pointers from above to help you keep in regular contact with your new recruits.  

For further help and support with your vacancies, or to discuss the unique ways we can help to advertise your role to candidates, get in touch today.   

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