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New year's resolutions, “new year, new me,” “time for a fresh start?”...  

You’re probably sick of hearing the same old sayings at the beginning of each year - but don’t let the annoyance of these phrases get in the way of fulfilling your ambitions this year.  

If you want to make this the best year yet and exceed your work goals, then now really is the best time to push forward with looking for a new job.  

January and February are widely seen by career advisors to be the top two months to look for a new job. There are several factors at play as to why this is the case. The first being that teams are typically given their new hiring budgets and sales forecasts for the year around this time. Combined with what was probably a slow December on the hiring front gives a big incentive for hiring managers to hit the ground running in the new year and hire accordingly. In addition, a lot of employees receive their bonus’ in December and January, so a lot of people wait until after this period to change their job. This is typically anticipated by companies and a strong factor why a hiring push is probably needed.   


Even though there can often be a slow start to the new year with people still nursing a NYE hangover and the over-indulgence of the festive period, by the second week things are back in full swing and first-round interviews can start happening.  

If you are worried at all about your upcoming job hunt then fear not - our fantastic team of consultants at Carrot Recruitment are here to help. We’re here to fully manage your job application process to match your skills and personality to the perfect role. 

Not only will we be able to talk you through a variety of roles, saving you hours of Google searching, but we can also help you format your CV, coach you for upcoming interviews, give you first-hand accounts of a company’s culture and even negotiate a higher salary for you.

We want to remove a lot the stress that comes with job hunting and help you find your dream job. So, if you are considering a "new year, new job" approach, get in touch today!

Looking for a new role within Pharma or Life Sciences?

You can check out all the current vacancies we have available via our pharma jobs page or submit your CV using the button below and someone will be in touch!

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