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A new job often means a positive change is coming to our way of life - and that's one of the reasons why we love what we do here at Carrot! But what we often don't realise is how this positive change can literally change the lives of those we work with.


Because a new job often has a knock-on, positive impact on the lives of our candidates. Perhaps it’ll offer a better work/life balance or more flexible working. Maybe it’ll give the chance to go part time. The pay, bonus and benefits could be significantly more. Or there might be better learning and development opportunities on offer.

These, in turn, could alter the course our lives are taking – offering us more time to spend with family and friends, more money to spend on the things we want, a growth in our knowledge, or an improvement in our health, well-being, physical or emotional selves.

That's why we've been on a secret mission to discover what exactly these life-changing implications have had to some of our candidates. Then we surprised our consultants with the results...

It's been truly lovely to see that it's not just the pay rise our candidates have received from a new job that has given them reason to celebrate, but also the changes this has made to their lives.

So, what about if you’re looking to make the leap into a new job?

Firstly, you need to set goals for exactly what you expect to get out of the process. Take some time to really think about why you want to leave your current position, what you want from a new one, and how long you’re prepared to wait for the right position to come up/how flexible you might be with your options.

Do you really want a new job, or have you just been having a bad week at work? Is this the right time to be moving jobs (and potentially location)? Is there something upcoming in your personal life (e.g. moving house, wedding, baby on the way) which may hinder your job search or ability to interview?

If you’re still keen for a change you need to consider what you want from a new job – think about the location, company size and culture, line management opportunities, working hours etc. Setting goals for these queries will ultimately make the whole process a lot easier.

According to The Balance Careers you should take the following steps when thinking about moving jobs:

  • Find the best/most relevant job listing sites - and make sure you're working with a reputable recruitment agency
  • Keep your job search focused
  • Build your professional brand via LinkedIn etc.
  • Use these to connect with contacts
  • Use job search apps and tools
  • Create a list of companies you’d love to work with – then look at similar companies/competitors to expand your search
  • Take the time to update your C.V.
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Follow up after the interview
  • Accept or decline the job offer – remember, if it’s not quite the right opportunity for you, you don’t have to accept it

Here at Carrot, we strongly believe in finding the right job for you - one that aligns with your motivations - and that's why we'll take the time to really get to know you and your end goals. We'll then only send you to companies we think you'll love, while providing you with all the interview prep you'll need to do well!

If you’ve set yourself the right goals and have interviewed with companies who offer the changes you’re looking for, having accepted a happy new job with them you should now begin to see the benefits of moving jobs, both in your personal and working life.

To discover how Carrot Pharma could help you change your life get in touch today!


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