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You’ve been tempted by the idea of a new job that gives you everything you are looking for. Everything, that is, except the location. So what do you do? Thinking about relocating is a big deal. It can mean moving a whole family (with all their needs to consider too) or at the very least it can mean starting again, finding new friends and settling into a completely different way of life (city life to rural for example). There is so much more to consider than money - although many people can be blinded by this. So if possible, money should be taken off the table and lifestyle considerations should take centre stage.

So first things first…why are you considering relocating?

Be really honest with yourself…is it the money? Do you want a fresh start? Do you want a lifestyle change? Is the job allowing you to grow in your career and meet one of your aspirations? The list is as unique as you are, and there is no one right answer.

Write down your reason and sit with that for a while. Try to unpick the reason. If it’s the money it’s important to remember that although you might see a salary increase by moving to a new location, you may also incur an increase in the cost of living. Which is the reason why there are many other things to take into consideration as well. Once you’re clear on your reason, it becomes easier to write down the pros and cons.

Stage 2 – research time!

So now you’re clear on your reason, you need to thoroughly research the finer details. What do these include?

How will you physically move to the new location (include costs here)? Do you need a work visa, and what is the tax system if you’re looking at moving abroad? What does the job entail? Think about the company – it’s culture, it’s growth or history, the team you will be working in, the location – is it going to be a great place to work every day? Local facilities (are you sporty for example – if so which clubs are around so that you can meet people?) How would you get to work – do you need a car or can you get there by public transport? What will this cost you vs where you are right now? What is the housing market like? If needed, what are the schools like? All of these will help you to paint an even clearer picture of your life in the new place.

Stage 3 – weighing it all up

Based on your research, write down all the pros and cons of relocating that you can think of - and be honest about these! We can often try to convince ourselves based on what we thought we wanted, but the research won’t lie. By writing you pros and cons down it’s easier to visualise and mentally process your ideas.

You should then be left with a very clear idea of whether the move will positively progress you in your life/career or not. It rarely comes down to one factor….money is great, but it is a means to an end, not everything. There is no point earning thousands if the lifestyle you want is the sacrificed.

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