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Matt is one of our longest serving consultants, having been with Carrot since he graduated from university over 10 years ago! We had a chat with him to find out more about what advice he has for Pharma market research candidates and what he’s learnt about the changing world of recruitment.  

You have worked at Carrot for over 10 years, what is it that you enjoy most about working within Pharma and Healthcare roles?

From a recruitment perspective, I like the niche nature of the roles I recruit for. I am able to learn so much working within this sector as I see these roles developing and changing with technological advances. I also hugely admire the individuals I work with, who are literally shaping the future of healthcare. Working within both an interesting and worthy sector does make the job feel more rewarding.

What would you say are the benefits to a career in Pharma Market Research?

With hard work, the earning potential can be huge. You get to work with major biotech organisations and lots of positions allow for worldwide travel if this is something that interests you. The sector tends to be quite fast paced with lots of variety and different projects to work on. You may be researching to aid a new product launch one day, and providing strategic advice on patient adherence the next!

What can Pharma Market Research companies do to attract the best candidates?

Differentiate. As with every sector you can think of, there are lots of companies that offer what may look like quite a similar service. So what makes your organisation different? How are the projects you’re working on more exciting? What methodologies do you provide that others can’t? The other big tip I’d give to companies to attract the best candidates is around employee wellbeing. The sector is predominantly driven by deadline driven which can bring it’s own stresses and long hours, so resource management is key and knowing how best to look after your staff to ensure a quality work life balance can make all the difference.

What would be your number one piece of advice to a candidate who is looking for a new role?

Know your worth and think about what makes you unique. Though top talent is in high demand and always has been in the Pharma market research sector, you still need to show any prospective employers why you are the best at what you do. Ask yourself how you can stand out vs your peers who also have a grounding in market research. Perhaps you’ve focused on advanced analytics or complex qual approaches, or maybe you’re great at winning new business. Whatever it is, make sure you highlight this in any interview situations.

In your experience, what has changed most in recruitment within the last decade?

Obviously COVID-19 sparked some of the biggest change I have seen in my career to date. Location is now much less of a barrier than it once was, and the number of face to face interviews has also reduced dramatically. This has really altered how we talk about our clients - an onsite gym isn’t going to get people excited if they’re never in the office! Push and pull factors have really altered so understanding how these key drivers have changed for both clients and candidates is key.

If you’re looking for your next career move or would like support for your recruitment needs within Market research, get in touch with Matt today:



01625 541 044

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