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Kyle specialises in Advertising and PR roles within the Healthcare Communications sector. We sat down with him to find out what advice he has for anyone looking to start their career within this industry, and how he can support experienced professionals in their next career steps:

What do you enjoy most about recruiting within Pharma Advertising and PR?

The clients that we partner with are hugely imaginative and are a pleasure to work with. We represent a nice mix of companies, ranging from well-established consultancies to rising star independents. They in turn support some of the most successful Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies who develop and manufacture life changing medicines for patients across numerous disease areas and conditions. Its very exciting and dynamic sector to work in, and it’s a delight to listen to clients talk passionately about their creative projects.

Have you noticed any changes in recruitment trends/behaviours post-pandemic?

At the very start of the pandemic most companies couldn’t even imagine employing a fully remote workforce, flexible hours, or even hybrid working - I would definitely say that flexibility is on the rise, with hybrid working becoming the standard, and even the 4-day week is now on the horizon for some companies. This has allowed us to attract talent from further afield and the increase in flexibility has been a strong positive for companies and candidates alike.

What would you say to a job seeker who is looking to start a career in Healthcare PR or Healthcare Advertising?

Do your research and be proactive. Reach out to ourselves and to others to gauge the market and your potential career opportunities. Interested candidates, whether new to the market or experienced in this sector, can call me directly for a friendly and informal chat about their options or the sector in general.

Why should job seekers use your services to find their next role - how do you support a candidate through the job process?

I’d have an initial conversation with the candidate to understand their skills, experiences, and requirements. If I have current opportunities that could match their profile then I’d take time to discuss these options, providing as much information about the role and the company, so that the candidate can make an informed choice. If together we decide to progress with an application, then I would present the candidates profile to my client, explaining why they are a potentially strong fit.  

Should the client be interested then we’d arrange the initial interview and begin working with the candidate to prepare them fully. We stay very close to our candidate all the way through the process and due to our long-established relationships with these companies, we are able to advise on their interview processes, their style of questions and what they are looking for from candidates interviewing with them.

We work with the candidate right through to offer stage and even check in with them prior to start date to ensure they are all set for their new, exciting opportunity.

Effectively we act as consultants to advise, project manage, and ensure a smooth process throughout.

Can you share some recent feedback you’ve received from a candidate/s you’ve worked with?

Recently a candidate I placed as an Account Executive kindly took the time to call and thank me. It’s in moments like these when you know you really helped someone find the perfect role, positively impacting their lives that’s what makes this job truly worth it.

Get in touch:

If you're looking for your next opportunity within Healthcare Advertising or PR, or you're looking for support with your Healthcare Comms recruitment needs, get in touch with Kyle Dinsdale-Round today on:

+44 (0) 785 717 2775


Click here to visit our Advertising/PR jobs page. 

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