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What is Pharma Sales?

We work on Pharma Sales and Training jobs for global pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotech companies across the UK and Europe. We place candidates into roles at all levels, including Key Account Managers, Primary and Secondary Care Specialists and Territory Managers.

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What is Pharmaceutical Sales?

Pharmaceutical Sales Reps are the salespeople employed by pharma, biotech or healthcare companies to sell their products to a variety of external stakeholders. These Sales Reps are also involved in educating and influencing healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders on the benefits of the company’s products.

In the UK there is a strict code of conduct which must be observed, set by the Associate of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI). Pharma Sales Reps will be expected to pass exams set by the ABPI, but these are sometimes part of a graduate or entry level role into the industry.

A Pharma Sales role is more varied than it used to be. Those working within the sector are now also expected to engage many different stakeholders, including patient groups, to ensure they understand issues, while providing solutions via products to these groups. There is a lot of networking involved and information gathering, as well as presenting, attending conferences, appointment making and influencing.


What does a career within Pharma Sales look like?

Pharma Sales Representatives have many options available to them. When starting out in a career in Pharma Sales you will be trained fully, with pharma companies investing heavily in your development. This often makes the process to gaining a job in pharmaceutical sales so rigorous. If you don’t have prior experience, pharma companies will expect you to have certain traits instead, as well as some experience shadowing a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

To be successful within Pharma Sales you’ll need to have a flair for sales, with great influencing skills. You’ll need to be highly organised, have great tenacity, be professional and trustworthy, well groomed, personable and a natural communicator. Your negotiation skills will need to be top notch, you’ll be required to be persistent and an excellent team player. There are often many hours spent on the road driving so you will need stamina too.

On the flip side the rewards can be huge and career progression speedy, with many avenues open to you, such as marketing, overseas work and healthcare devices sales (which is different from pharma sales and does not require an ABPI certification. You can find out more about medical device sales here)

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What are the typical roles within Pharma Sales?

  • Medical Representative
  • Hospital Representative
  • Key Account Manager
  • Healthcare Development Manager
  • Regional Business Manager
  • National Sales Manager


Jobs in Pharma Sales

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